Slingshot Cowboy! One of the top free iPhone games currently in the App Store!

Use your finger to stretch the rubber band and send those peaceful cows running! Tilt your iPhone up and down to change the angle of your shots!

Shoot your way through three challenging levels and stand off against charging bulls in the Stampede Bonus Round after each level!

Put your Slingshot skills to the test and hit every bull charging at you. But be careful, if you miss you will be trampled and the bonus round will end!

Top scores from players around the world are kept on the Leader Board. Earn more points by aiming at the bulls farthest away on the screen to get to the top of the score board.

WARNING: Enjoy the game but don't try it with real cows – when aggravated they can turn into real monsters and not even a real slingshot can save you when they attack!

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